English Muffin Burgers!

  It feels like we've been in Summer for at least a month, but the Solstice only just passed and we're ready to get out there and grill some delicious burgers!

  If there's one item we had to pick as consistently hitting the top of the sales chart, it would totally be Michael's English Muffins! Often compared to a donut, these deliciously fluffy English Muffins make the perfect burger bun. Here's a recipe for an English Muffin burger that will have your guests coming back to the grill all summer!

  English Muffin Burgers

Makes 4 Burgers

  • 1 pack Michael's English Muffins (4 Muffins)
  • 1 lb Firsthand Foods Ground Beef
  • 1 package Bittersweet Spicy Pimp Cheese
  • 4 Latta's Egg Ranch Eggs
  • Non's Pinching Salts -or- Yah's Best Spice Blend (Salted)
  • Sweet Peas Urban Gardens Microgreens


Making the Burgers

  Patty up the ground beef into your desired shape or size, and be sure to roll in some Non's Pinching Salts or Yah's Best Herbal Delight. If you're feeling spicy, you can always mix in some Firsthand Foods Ground Chorizo for some complexity and a kick!

  Grill your patties to the desired temperature. We're all about a medium rare burger here at RP! Throw those English Muffins on the grill to toast them up and you've got the makings of a great burger on your hands!

Topping It Off

  Time to fry those eggs! I'm all about a hard fried egg, but our owner Kim likes them runny, so it's safe to say that personal preference is key when it comes to your guests. Give each burger a generous spoon of pimento cheese and top with the fried egg and a sprinkle of microgreens. Your burgers are complete!

Well, for this recipe.

No matter how you like to top it, we've got something fun to add! We know there are lettuce- and tomato-lovers out there, so we're going to let you add those as you please to these other potential burger toppings available at the shop:


Keep it classic with Imladris Farms' Smoked Ketchup with Ashe County Sharp Cheddar for a modern flavor that will take you way back. This is the flavor that came right before cake and ice cream during birthday parties at literally everyone's house growing up, and those are pretty fond memories of mine. This is definitely a go-to! Devour multiples with a Deep River Brewing Limetown Lager. Because we're adults now.



There's simply not enough time in the day to tell you how much I love Lusty Monk's Honey Mustard. So I'm going to stop and tell you that you should also try their Original Sin and Burn in Hell Chipotle variants! Not only are they hilarious conversation pieces for the next person to open your fridge, but they also pair extremely well with the sophisticated creaminess-meets-sharpness of Ashe County's Monterey Jack. Enjoy this combo with a cold Fullsteam Fearrington Summer (India Tea Ale).




Carolina Gourmet's Regular or Spicy Cucumber Sauce also makes a fresh and unique burger with Ashe County's Monterey Jack Cheese. I prefer the spicy for the added dimension, but there's definitely something about the deliciously cooling qualities of cucumber and dill, especially when they meet that creamy, sharp cheese that has us always coming back! Eat this burger with Brueprint's Fig & Honey Saison to drink.



For the adventurous among us, I cannot stop eating the savory-sweet, tangy and textured combo of Goat Lady Dairy's Smoked Goat Cheese and Copper Pot Traditions' Oven Roasted Tomato Jam. Especially on a burger for the added fat, this combination takes your palate in a different direction that never disappoints! You're going to want Burial Brewing's Keeper's Veil Honey Saison in between bites!


  Have any ideas for burger toppings that we missed? Share them with us in the comments below! We're always eager to eat different English Muffin Burgers!