Hello World!

  Welcome to the Raleigh Provisions Blog & Shop! Our store is an NC-centric gourmet food and gift shop located in downtown Raleigh, and it is our goal to educate the residential, commercial, and tourist community about the value and importance of buying local and what it does for our local economy.

  From our blog you can expect:

  • Kitchen tips and tricks to make the most out the products you've bought from us
  • Interviews with the producers and employees who make it happen every day
  • Most importantly to us, educational content on how and from where the ingredients for the food and beverage we purvey are sourced and the effect they have on your and my health as well as our local market.

  But who am I? Well, I'm Josh! I'm the manager at Raleigh Provisions. Working closely alongside owner Kim Hammer, I help curate the shelves and handle the day-to-day running of the shop. Please don't forget to comment and say hello or stop by the shop and chat it up!

  As a final test, if you can come by and tell me the significance of 'Hello World' I will give you 10% off the most expensive item you buy! Only the first will win!