Arranging Raleigh Beer Soap on a display table at Raleigh Provisions Local Store


Raleigh Provisions sells gourmet food and gifts from small North Carolina-based companies. As NC natives, we've spent our lives eating great food from small local vendors and growers and we hope to share it with anyone one that visits or lives in downtown Raleigh -- especially if you've never known our state is home to so many unique and wonderful small businesses. Many people are aware of the great BBQ sauces and craft beer in NC, but we also carry delicious confections from local chocolate factories and beautiful all-natural soaps, lotions and honeys you may never have realized exist. 

We pride ourselves on our level of hospitality, the transparency and economic impact of small, local companies, and especially our drive to educate our consumers on the beauty of simple, quality ingredients, the passion of small independent vendors and the joy that comes from a unique and personal gift.

  We are dedicated to representing the best of Raleigh and North Carolina to those that are new to town, the ever-growing number of tourists we meet and all those who have already grown to love and need these special products.





Kim Hammer

Kim's passion for small local companies began over 12 years ago when she started selling baked goods at the Carrboro Farmers Market with her first company, bittycakes. In 2014 she opened cocktail and dessert bar Bittersweet in downtown Raleigh and really started spreading the word about local ingredients and vendors like Maple View Farms and Counter Culture Coffee. Raleigh Provisions was born in 2017 with the mission of introducing a growing downtown and its residents, workers and visitors to the amazing small business with passionate owners in Raleigh and across the state of North Carolina. RP was born out the desire to expose as many newcomers as possible to the delicious food, beer and more being produced every day in this growing city and beautiful state she has grown up in.


Joshua Lamm

Josh's infatuation with local and ethically sourced goods began when he started as a server at Bittersweet in 2014. Eventually moving behind the bar and into the kitchen, he trained further in what makes well-sourced and local ingredients so much better than the national competition in terms of health and economy. Having come from a background in various writing disciplines including interview, editorial, and SEO content marketing, he found that his love of research and transparency translates well into curating the shelves of Raleigh Provisions alongside owner Kim Hammer.


Colby Kress

Colby is our Beer Buyer and also serves up mad cocktails at our sister business Bittersweet. He’s way goofy, dances a lot, and is super charismatic! A fan of bright colors and fun hats, this guy keeps our Beer shelves well-stocked and unique!


Naija Parker

Naija is a senior at Shaw University majoring in Psychology. She plans to continue on to her doctorate and loves working with us and our customers because everyone is so nice and welcoming!